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Sometimes Helsinki syndrome is falsely used as name for the correct term Stockholm syndrome, which describes a special phenomenon with victims of for example takings of hostages.

The term Helsinki syndrome dips in the film dies slowly (the hard, the USA 1988) up: In a TV-Talkshow a psychologist speaks of the Helsinki syndrome. The moderator explains thereupon the television public: "Designated after Helsinki in Sweden." - "No, Finland! ", improves him thereupon the psychologist.

So also in the film Knockin' on Heaven's Door (D, 1996) with leading actor Til Schweiger; the term Helsinki syndrome is falsely used by a police psychologist.

As well as in the series "document X" in the consequence "foil deux" of agent Mulder as this suddenly the same illusion purges as its Geiselnehmer and denies that this incident is neither a foil deux nor the Helsinki syndrome.

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