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Heinz Wewering (* 28 January 1950 in Albachten with is a German Trabrennsportler.

On 1 April 1964 Wewering began three-year training in the of Erich bacon man in Everswinkel. After the intermediate test it was allowed to participate since 1965 in running. At the end of May 1965 gave it first placements, on 13 September 1965 took place with Morgan of the Veeinghof (stud measuring man) the first victory. 1967 put Wewering down the professional driver examination. In 40 years it denied approximately 42,000 Trabrennen. 26 times it won a German Championat as a driver, 25 times as Trabertrainer. To four times Wewering triumphed at European championships, 1993 and 1997 won it besides the world championships. On 18 June 2003 succeeded to it its to 14.899. Victory. With this world record Heinz Wewering had become the most successful Trabrennfahrer of all times.

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