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Heinz Sielmann (* 2. June 1917 in Rheydt) be a German cameraman, producer, Tierfilmer and professor for ecology.

Life and working

After first attempts with the camera, Sielmann already turned 1938 the first animal film "birds over Haff and meadows "(still as silent movie). During the Second World War it could complete a nature film of a deceased colleague on Crete. At the same time it studied biology and Zoologie at the realm university in float after the war worked it as a cameraman for "Institut for scientific film "in Hamburg and turned internationally recognized nature films, thus 1951 "song of the game course ". For the film "carpenters of the forest "(1954) over woodpeckers it received the Federal film award. In England it received for this film the pointed names "to Mr. Woodpecker ".

Under the patronage of the Belgian king Leopold Sielmann could turn 1958 in Belgian the Congo one of the first films over mountain gorillas: "Les Seigneurs de la "(rulers of the jungle). 1962 followed a much-considered documentary film over the islands - landing in Eden". For that extremely expedition, in which also the behavior researcher Eibl Eibesfeldt participated and for a part of the then sensational underwater photographs was responsible, reaches was grown up its son Stephan from the infant to the school child.

1963 took place an expedition into the jungle of Papua New Guinea, in order to take up first photographs up to then of the birds of paradise not shown yet and the shy summerhouse birds. The film was published 1965 under the title "into the mountain jungles of new Guinea ".

For the irritating American documentary film "the brightening Rome chronicle "(The brightening Rome Chronicle) (1971) Sielmann was active as an additional photographer. The film received the OSCAR to 1972 as "the best documentary film ".

From 1965 to 1991 Sielmann on the television moderated the extremely successful animal ending "expeditions in the animal realm ", with predominantly own Filmmaterial.

Since 1994 it is active as a fee professor for ecology at the faculty for biology of the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich.

Its son Stephan died in a tragic accident with an expedition into Kenya.

Since 1988, when he turned the film "animals in the shade of the border ", engage itself Sielmann to receive the former death strips of the former German domestic border for the nature protection. From this commitment the Heinz Sielmann donation, seat on property Herbigshagen results with Duderstadt, which by purchase and care wants to create and receive habitats for threatened kinds from biotopes, so the large looking he lakes, the natural landscape Wanninchen or the heath. Also his wife Inge, who accompanied him only twice, on expeditions into the Congo and into the savannah of Africa, engages herself for the nature protection, among other things in Duderstadt, where there are one "Inge Sielmann kindergarten ", which is to arrange a growing up with nature for children.

Heinz Sielmann was publisher of the magazine "Sielmanns animal world ", which fused at the beginning of the 1980er years with Bernhard Grzimeks magazine "the animal ".

Works (excerpt)

  • NDR row "expeditions in the animal realm "
  • Song of the game course, 1951
  • Ruler of the Urwalds (Les Seigneurs de la 1959
  • - landing in Eden, 1962
  • In the savannah of East Africa, 1964
  • Into the mountain jungles of new Guinea, 1965
  • Luring wilderness - by the game courses of North America, 1974
  • Animals in the shade of the border, 1988
  • 30 books


  • 1953 - Direction price in silver for "Quick - the squirrel "
  • 1954 - German film price in silver for "concert at the pool "(1952)
  • 1955 - German film price in silver for "carpenters of the forest "
  • 1956 - German film price in silver for "the Iltiskoppel "
  • 1962 - Silver bear, Berlin for - dream island in the Pacific "
  • 1962 - German film price in gold for - dream island in the Pacific "
  • 1973 - with Bambi excellently
  • 1976 - Golden screen
  • 1977 - Golden flower of Rheydt
  • 1978 - Franz of Assisi medal
  • 1983 - Bambi
  • 1986 - Distinguished Service Cross 1. Class of the earnings/service medal of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 1988 - Culture price of the homeland association East Prussia for science
  • 1990 - Bambi
  • 1993 - the large Distinguished Service Cross of the earnings/service medal of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • 2002 - Munich shines, for culture price of the city Munich
  • 2005 - Earnings/service medal of the country Brandenburg
  • 2005 - German environmental price for its life achievement

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