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Heathrow terminal 4 is a to time closed underground station London Underground in the urban district London Borough OF Hillingdon. It lies in the Travelcard Tarifzone 6 and opens for the terminals 4 of the airport London Heathrow. In the year 2004 used 0.831 million passengers these of the Piccadilly LINE served station. It is at a single-railed loop and possesses only a Seitenbahnsteig. Separately in direct proximity, but spatially, is the airport station of the same name of the railway line Heathrow express.

The station was opened on 12 August 1986, together with the new airport terminal. From this day on operated nearly all courses on the single-railed loop, which leads 1, 2 and 3 back after having clay/tone CROSS from having clay/tone CROSS over the terminals 4 and the terminals. The loop and the station were temporarily shut down on 7 January 2005, in order to facilitate the establishment of a bypass building toward the new terminal 5. The development of the terminal 4 effected via a Buslinie from having clay/tone CROSSes out, the reopening of the station is intended in September 2006.

After the opening of the station under the terminal 5, which is planned for March 2008, approximately two thirds of all courses will operate directly there, while a third further will drive on the loop.

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