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A hearing lot dog supports its or owner in the everyday life, by drawing the attention of it to important noises.

The dog indicates for example a ringing of the telephone, the entry door clip or the bell. A hearing lot dog is therefore called often also signal dog. The dog refers to the noise, by directing the attention of its owner for example by Anstupsen on itself and leading its owner then to the source of noise.

A hearing lot dog also indicates, if its owner with names is addressed or if the owner unnoticed an article fell down. In the traffic it refers to a Martinshorn or autohorns and announces themselves from the rear approaching vehicles.

The commands for hearing lot dogs do not become with hearing character (seat, place, here,"…), but with marker (hand attitude, head movement,"…) linked. Most dogs learn markers anyway clearly more easily than hearing characters.

The training as the hearing lot dog is still quite rare in Germany and costs with individual dog schools around the 10,000 euro. Differently than with the blind dog the costs are not taken over of the health insurance companies. A point of criticism at hearing lot dogs is that the described abilities of these dogs were almost formed with a natural connection between dog and owner from alone. From a increased consulting need one with the dog purchase is not to be derived under any circumstances training in values from 10.000"€, on the contrary the breeders and breed federations would not follow this consulting need.

For the hearing lot dog so far no uniform guidelines were created for the training and animal-protection-fair attitude. Questions to the extent of work and the mental as well as physical hygiene were so far not regulated uniformly. The advantages of a hearing lot dog in relation to technical aids are disputed. For these reasons the German hearing lot federations classify the hearing lot dog as urbane legend.


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