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The healthy human understanding (English common scythe, Austrian also common sense) designates a generally accepted majority opinion as well as the kind of thinking, after which this opinion is met by an individual. As reason usually thinking is considered. Usually becomes here a decision pleases, which of an assumed majority of the population was met.

Due to different experiences, aspects and moral values is to be counted with different humans also on different healthy human understanding. There is and may not an absolute healthy human understanding not not with consent be confounded. Also popular mistakes can occur with judgements of the healthy human understanding.

As a component of the public opinion the Common scythe is not static, but changes themselves. Examples of Common scythe in the today's Federal Republic:

  • "All should have entrance to the health care"
  • "Laws apply to all"
  • "Is peace the war to prefer".

Another kind of decision making is "from the belly" (see intuition).

Thomas Paine

Common scythe was the title of a lampoon, that on 10 January 1776, during the American war of independence by Thomas Paine was published. Freely of any connections by feel at Great Britain Paine stated to achieve that it was task of Americas, independence and a new to introduce democratic system of government which was based on the principles of the human rights. "Common scythe" had an unparalleled success, the book struck all records since invention of the printing. It caused a complete reversal of opinion and revolutionized the American population. The declaration of independence, which was signed on 4 July 1776, written by Jefferson, was affected crucially through "Common scythe ". Paine was first, which suggested, calling the new nation "United States of America ".

Thomas Reid (1710 - 1796) is considered as a founder of the Scottish Common scythe philosophy, in 19. Century the theology of the North American protest anti-mash lastingly affected. Quelle1


Common scythe - an interdisciplinary term

It is in political science, philosophy, economic science, psychology, computer science, communication science, to find and religion.

Political sciences/philosophy/religion

In some German texts of the political science Common scythe is to be understood rather in the sense about "public spirit" as "healthy human understanding".

  • Meyers encyclopedia certifies a Confucius's sense for Common scythe.
  • The philosophical Hauptwerk of John curl 1690 addressed itself to think-willing, on the average educated humans and its Common scythe, which a new fact was within the serious philosophical literature. Source 2
  • Sayyed Ahmed Khan (around 1875) was a representative of a Common scythe philosophy. Source 3

Artificial intelligence/communication science/computer science/psychology

  • A key word is the term in addition, in connection with artificial intelligence (quasi synonymous to general knowledge). Source 4
  • The translation of Common scythe Knowledge with general knowledge seizes strictly seen however too briefly: Experiences and associated feelings, intuition, prejudices and the Unterbewusstsein, which play a role with all everyday decisions, with general knowledge are not considered. In this sense Common scythe Knowledge would be to be understood rather similarly to emotional intelligence so mentioned. One can compare general knowledge already rather with simple data sets.
  • To the neuro physiology and psychology see source 5.

Economic science

  • In the field of the economic science the term Common scythe is to be found in connection with the game theory. Here it concerns a simulation of the reality. However thereby compellingly a computer does not have to be used. E.g. see source 6.

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