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Page modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 03:11:26

The Headcount index is a poverty indicator used by the World Bank in the development economics.

The Headcount index indicates the percentage of the population of a country, who after the pro head consumption under a before specified poverty border falls. This poverty border is adapted on regional level on the basis the regional conditions, these addresses themselves to the necessary minimum for the consumer expenditures, either after the Cost OF basic Needs Method on basis of a Warenkorbs or the Food Energy Method, which covers only the minimum calorie need according to the FAO or WHO.

Contrary to the national the international poverty border is defined after the World Bank as 1 US Dollar Purchasing power parity (PPP) per day and person. This poverty border be based on the of 1985, 1 US Dollar PPP possesses the same material purchasing power in each country.

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