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Harzer cheese is a sour milk cheese of lean quark (skimmed milk) is made and only about a per cent the fat possesses. It originally originates from the resin before country south of Braunschweig.

Its loaves are mostly small and approximately (hand cheese, Taler) or (bar cheese). Often small bundles are sold in line as role, which gave also the name Harzer scooter to the cheese in the vernacular. This name however originally designates a Harzer kind of canary.

A typical spice of the Harzer of cheese is There are different variants:

  • Harzer cheese, which is covered with a white mould culture, which is called also noble mould culture
  • Harzer cheese, which is covered with a red mould culture, which is called also red lubricant.

The latter is mostly stronger in the taste. To both sorts it applies that they develop a very much minted smell. The ripe time amounts to only few days until some weeks. Not through-matured Harzer cheese has still another white core.

Gladly Harzer cheese, often simply "Harzer ", is called eaten to bread with Schmalz or mustard and spice cucumbers.

In the old Lands of the Federal Republic became the Harzer admits cheese by since 1998 the cheese factory belonging to group of Muellers August Loose GmbH with seat in Vienenburg, which does not produce since 2004 by the misalignment of production any longer locally. In the new Lands of the Federal Republic in the Harzer cheese factory Rusack GmbH in Harsleben, which 2003 of August Loose GmbH was taken over, is produced among other things Harzer

With the Harzer cheese comparable cheese is e.g. the and the mite cheese.

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