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Harvesting machines are technical devices of different degree of automation for the harvest of agricultural products. They make rational bringing in for the harvest possible and reduce the personnel, temporal and concomitantly economic expenditure. With the most well-known representative is the combine. Besides there are machines, which support the harvest work however also for many other agricultural products.

Between Vollerntern, trailers and cultivation machines one differentiates. Vollernter are self-propelled and can be operated without a tractor or a tractor. The other devices need a tractor, cultivation machines (like e.g. mowers) over the Nebenabtrieb of the tractor with a drive shaft are propelled, which is connected with the tap of the Nebenabriebs. First harvesting machines were horse-covered, here the necessary drive by the wheels were measured. Early threshing machines were not driven over the field, those were also developed being certain and propelled with a steam engine (later with a tractor).

Different harvesting machines

  • Cotton harvesting machine
  • Cucumber flier
  • Pea harvesting machine
  • Harvester, also Vollernernter mentioned, harvests trees for wood production
  • Kartoffelroder
  • Combine
  • Mower

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