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Harrow & Wealdstone a station in the urban district London Borough OF Harrow. It is served by Silverlink locals train between London Euston and wading Ford Junction and is at the same time the northern last stop of the Bakerloo LINE London Underground. Beyond that here also express trains hold to Brighton (via Kensington (Olympia)). The plant is in the Travelcard Tarifzone 5; in the year 2004 it was used by 3.957 million passengers.

The station was opened on 20 July 1837 by London and Birmingham Railway under the name Harrow. From 1890 to 1964 there was a short Zweigstrecke toward Stanmore. The Bakerloo LINE took up its enterprise on 16 April 1917, when the line was extended after wading Ford Junction.

On 8 October 1952 one of the heaviest train accidents in the history of the British railways occurred here. A night express train coming from Scotland collided around 8:19 clock with the rear end of a restaurant course, which had continued on track 4. Later an express train driving to the north rammed and tore seconds the two into one another wedged courses the footbridge down. With this misfortune 112 humans died, 340 were hurt.

On 24 September 1982 the enterprise of the Bakerloo LINE was temporarily stopped on the section north of Stonebridge park. The restarting operation on 4 June 1984 did not concern however the section between Harrow & Wealdstone and wading Ford Junction. In November 2007 transport transfers for London the Silverlink concession; there is therefore the realistic possibility that the enterprise of the Bakerloo LINE is expanded again after wading Ford Junction.

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