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Hans Joachim Doerfert (* 1944 in the Saarland) is a German manager. He was up to his dismissal and arrest due to of unfaithfulness manager of the Caritas Trier (ctt).


Into the 1960er years was Doerfert of circle chairmen of the boys union in nine-churches. Since this time it attached, among other things many contacts to politicians from the CDU and other parties to Peter Rauen (CDU), Christoph (CDU) and pure hard Klimmt (SPD). Center of the 1980er years came the learned attorney to Trier and became there an administrative manager of the brother hospital.

Manager ctt

1987 were involved Doerfert in the establishment of the Caritas Trier (ctt) by bishop Hermann Josef hospital, whose manager became he. Within one decade he built ctt to a company with 42 mechanisms - under it 6 hospitals -, 9000 coworkers and 500 million euro the annual turnover out.

Further activities

From 1995 to 1997 Doerfert was a treasurer of the Trierer CDU. 1996 he became a president of the soccer association unity Trier. With defrauded funds ctt is it the CDU Rhineland-Palatinate as well as the soccer associations of the unity Trier, FSV Salmrohr and the 1. FC Saarbruecken promoted.

"Doerfert affair "

In connection with determinations because of corruption during the Bavarian official insurance (BBV), which business partners the ctt subsidiary hospital rose AG was, arranges the public prosecutor's office on 16 August 1999 a search with Doerfert. The local newspaper Trieri people friend reports on further fraud cases. First the executive committees of the hospital rose speak and ctt Doerfert still their confidence out, while bishop Spital is still silent, but on 27 August bishop Doerfert dismisses. On 15 September Doerfert is arrested. The regional court Koblenz condemns it on 7 February 2001 because of fraud and unfaithfulness in 58 cases to seven years and three months detention. During a further process before the regional court Munich is extended the punishment on 3 July 2001 to ten years and six months.

On 20 January 2005 Doerfert will prematurely dismiss Diez because of good guidance from the detention in the penal institution.

Consequences of the affair

Due to from aid to the unfaithfulness with their earlier relations with Doerfert had in the year 2000 the Federal Minister of Transport Reinhard Klimmt, former Saarland Prime Minister and president of the 1. FC Saarbruecken, and which Saarland Ministers of the Interior Klaus Meiser withdraw from their offices.

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