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Dr. med. Hans castle-hard (* 22. March 1936) is a German physician. Up to its entrance into the retirement to 31. March 2003 he was a medical director of the district hospital Munich Perl oh and is considered as a founder of the German air rescue.

On its initiative on 1 November 1970 the first Rettungshubschrauber of Germany at the urban hospital Munich Harlaching was activated. In addition it is executive committee of many years of the circle federation Munich of the Bavarian red cross and initial member of the medical column and later readiness green forest of the BRK.

On 20 June 2001 the Bavarian earnings/service medal was lent to it by Prime Minister Dr. Edmund Stoiber.

Before its activity in the district hospital Perl oh he was a physician at the urban hospital Munich Harlaching. There it received a that once from the city, because it supplied and with a male nurse into the hospital brought a hurt child before the hospital emergency-moderately. The caused the opposite: Dr. Burghart began to provide a concept in his spare time for air rescue. Together with the German Federal Armed Forces, some helicopter of the airfield Oberschleissheim on the weekends turned began it Whitsuntide 1970 on the weekends and in holidays an emergency surgeon service off of the hospital Harlaching out. From cost reasons the German Federal Armed Forces had to let their support fall then. The General German Automobile Association jumped into the breach, so that on 1 November 1970 the first regular service of a Rettungshubschraubers on a machine of MBB began.

1975 presented the concept in the USA on a congress to Dr. Burghart. The idea was there complete again and was immediately copied.

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