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The Hannen brewery is one at present in Moenchengladbach resident old beer brewery, which belongs to the Danish group of Carl mountains. The formerly largest old beer brewery of Germany does not have an own brewery more and leaves its products, "Hannen alto "and "Gatz alto ", with the formerly own, now to the Oettinger brewery GmbH brew belonging brewery in Moenchengladbach new work.

The annual production amounted to 2004 approximately 60,000 Hektoliter Hannen alto and 90,000 Hektoliter Gatz alto.


1725 are mentioned in Willich the brewery house man. It is the oldest Willicher breweries house man, Schmitz and thick, who unite to 1917 to the united Willicher breweries GmbH. These transfer 1920 the Hannen brewery to Korschenbroich. The enterprise with seat in Willich designates itself from united Willicher brew-purely and Hannen Korschenbroich GmbH Willich in Hannen brewery over and attains in the following decades a dominating the market position in the old beer market. Beginning of the 60's becomes the enterprise the brewery lain in the middle in Willich too small. The management decides 1964 to shift the brewery from Willich to Moenchengladbach new work. 1975 will will become production in Willich shut down, the administration short time later shifted to new work and 1986 large parts of the former brewery torn off.

For the 70's the brewery of market shares loses, the economic situation of the enterprise worsens. 1988 are taken over the Hannen brewery as one of the first German breweries of a foreign enterprise, the Danish group of Carl mountains. 1999 buy the trademark laws at the former to Hannen "Gatz alto ". 2003 take over the Oettinger brewery the new workers brewery, Hannen alto are since then foreignfilled up.

On 8 November 2005 it became admits that the Oettinger brewery will not no more extend the existing brewing and filling up contract with Hannen. Production is taken over therefore starting from February 2006 by the Krefelder brewery king yard (formerly Rhenania). Also the administration of the Hannen brewery will shift its seat and will rent themselves in the Krefelder brewery of office space.

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