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The Handsatz is the oldest procedure for the production of printing forms with mobile type characters in (lead composition) for the compression matter the printing. It decreases/goes back to the invention Johannes of good mountain.

The lead type characters are in a setting box. The Schriftsetzer takes from it the individual types and the empty space ("Spatien ") and puts it down in a Winkelhaken, so that a line develops. The lines are then joined on a sentence ship to a column. Later also filled lines with were inserted (see further below).

In the Handsatz text cannot only be set. With brass lines and ornamentations also graphic organizations can be realized. Also diagonal or round sentence is possible, even if only with complicated spannings within the sentence with blind material is possible. A bloom time of these organizations was end 19. /Anfang 20. Century. To set it also tries maps in the Handsatz from individual components, while the note set was a specialist work.

The Handsatz became ever more by the set (see: Mono type, linotype; here whole lines in lead were filled) and later by the photo-composition (here is the writing on a photo template, a disk or a strip with writing negative. In the printer the indications are aligned individually and exposed to photo paper or film) as well as by the digital sentence (see in addition: Desktop publishing) displaces. Today he finds only isolates application with the production of bibliophilen expenditures for book and in small private and museum printering.

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