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Hand mouldings is a prototype procedure in the foundry nature, with which using simple tools such as sand hooks, ramming wedge or Pressluftstampfer the form medium, usually with a bonding agent provided quartz sand, around which model which can be poured off is consolidated around by hand. Contrary to the machine mouldings must be set dead head, dead head borders, ingates and feeders as well as their dimensionings from empirical values freely, thus by hand.

Reasons for production in a Handformerei can be for example:

  • to small number of items (Unikate, small and/or Kleinstserien)
  • large cast parts up to 230,000 kg
  • complicated cast pieces, which cannot be produced on form plants not or economically.

Sample applications: Pour from turbine impellers, housings for transmission, plastics, other art articles

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