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The Hamburgi works AG (HEW) became to 15. March 1894 based, around together with the electricity corporation, those as Schuckert & CO. since 1893 were assigned that Hamburg current supply to take over the supply of Hamburg with electricity. From 1914 to 2002 that was involved Hamburg state to the HEW and the supply area of the HEW since completely Hamburg was expanded.


The beginnings of the current use in Hamburg decrease/go back however up to the year 1873, when the north German Affinerie AG with the first direct current generator-electrical machine river to the extractive metallurgy began.

In the course of the time the HEW transferred also different tasks of supplying. The long-distance heat supply according to the principle of the force heat coupling is taken up since 1921 with the district heating plant Hamburg GmbH, which together with the company Rudolf Otto Meyer creates became. In the year 1988 HEW transfers the participation of the majority at that Hamburg gas works GmbH. 1997 are created the subsidiary company HanseNet as regional telecommunications Dienstleister, sold 2003 however completely to the Telecom Italia.

On 21 August 2002 the fusion with the VEAG is decided and so the Vattenfall Europe AG with seat in Berlin is created. Since 1 January 2006 the company arises only under the name Vattenfall Europe Hamburg.


The largest customer of the HEW were those Hamburg aluminum works (HAW). The energy-intensive enterprise of the aluminium production and - processing with 420 coworkers paid approx. 70 millions euro annually for river. Nearly 40% of production costs were allotted to the energy costs. When the HEW demanded an increase on approx. 100 millions euro for the future, the Norwegian energy company has Norsk hydraulic, to which the HAW belongs, whose decided locking. Thereupon the HEW explained itself ready to do without the planned increase and grant to the enterprise still further discounts with the current purchase. It to no agreement and the HAW came nevertheless on 31 December 2005 were closed.

Actual reason for the locking were thus not the energy prices risen allegedly. This not times correct circumstances were put forward, in order to pretend the public opposite a reason for the locking and the associated dismissal of many coworkers.

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