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Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 23:35:29

H-1B is the name of a special type of visa, which permits work in the USA to owners with an US-American company or university. The filing of an application is only by such "sponsornden" employer possible.

Visa candidate

As a visa owner is applicable, who

  • Scientist,
  • Programmer or
  • Engineer



A H-1B-Visum can be years long valid usually up to 6. Who attained otherwise no further residence permit, at least 1 year must be long outside of the USA, before a H-1B-Visum can be requested again.


H-1B-Visa stand under criticism, since they promote on the one hand from view of the states, from which the visa owners come, the Brain drain, them inaccessible however on the other hand from a view from the USA US-American jobs to make are, go out one of the fact that by a H-1B-Inhaber no new jobs are made possible. The criticism is not dissimilar therefore for the criticism of the Green of the German Federal Republic Card regulation.

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