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Globalization-critical groups

  • Attac - network for democratic control of the international financial markets
  • BUKO - Federal co-ordination internationalism
  • Peoples' global Action
  • The Yes Men (Kommunikationsguerilla)
  • Global Mars-resound plan initiative
  • and many other groups, which meet in the social forums

Admitted globalization critic

  • Maude Barlow, Canadian authoress
  • Walden Bello, sociologist at the university of the Philippines, focus on the global South
  • Bov - French bio farmer and
  • Alex Callinicos, Professor for political science at the University of York, activist of the world-wide social forum movement
  • Noam Chomsky, US-American linguist and civil rights activist
  • Michel Chossudovsky, Canadian economist
  • Han Deqiang, Chinese economist
  • Bernd Hamm, sociology professor and author
  • Martin Khor, economist in Malaysia and UN advisor, IFG, Third World network, South center
  • Naomi small, Canadian authoress (anti-mark movement, book: NO Logo!)
  • Maria Mies, German Soziologin and
  • Michael of moorlands, US-American documentary film producer and best-selling author
  • Manfred Julius Mueller, restaurant economics and author
  • Arundhati Roy, Indian authoress and Menschenrechtsaktivistin
  • Vandana Shiva, Indian and
  • Joseph E. Stiglitz - US-American for economics (2001), was a chief economist of the World Bank
  • Lori barrier oh, Mitorganisatorin of the anti-World Trade Organization protests of Seattle, global trade Watch, IFG
  • Klaus Werner, German journalist, activist and best-selling author (black book mark companies)
  • Jean Ziegler, Swiss writer, sociologist, politician, UN-Ambassador
  • Bertrand CAN act, French rock musician (Noir Desir) "The Holy Economic was"

See also

McJobs, i AG, International Monetary Fund (IWF), Trickle down Effect, capitalism criticism, social forum movement, turbo-capitalism, export production zone, Sweatshop, black book, Anglozentrismus, other globalization


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  • Johan Norberg: The capitalistic communist manifesto, calibration fount, Frankfurt/M. 2003, ISBN 3-8218-3994-5
  • Markus Balser/Michael belly Mueller: The 10 mistakes of the globalization opponents. As one ideology with facts disproves. Calibration fount publishing house 2003. ISBN 3-8218-3992-9.

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