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Gustav (Benjamin) Schwab (* 19. June 1792 in Stuttgart; "† 4 November 1850 in Stuttgart) was a German minister, writer and a publisher.


Gustav Schwab buildup as a son of a professor in a human formed parents' house. It studied since 1809 as a scholarship holder of the Evangelist pin in at the there Eberhard Karl university first two years philology and philosophy, later then theology. 1818 it became Gymnasiallehrer for latin in Stuttgart, then 1837 ministers in Gomaringen with it received the Stadtpfarramt in Stuttgart to 1841, 1842 became it Dekan and 1845 Oberkonsistorialrat of the higher schools in Schwab was distinguished 1847 with the honour doctor of the theology of the University of

Schwabs birth house in the Stuttgart king route 51 is destroyed, a Schwabs is at the house of hare mountain pastes 22 over the Schwabtunnel designated after it; its grave lies on the Stuttgart Hoppenlaufriedhof.

Schwabs most famous work was the legends of the classical antiquity, in which he well-known and less well-known myths of the antique ones (often easily defused) new-counted. Also its poem of the riders and the Bodensee belong to the more well-known German poems.

Schwab is regarded as a member of the Swabian poet school.


  • 1828 poems
  • 1837 the book of most beautiful stories and legends - into the center 20. Century as gymnasiales education formation of highest influence on the Antikerezeption in Germany
  • 1838-1840 legends of the classical antiquity


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