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Karl Gunnar Myrdal (* 6 December 1898 in Gustafs; "† 17. May 1987 in Stockholm) was a Swedish economist and received to 1974 the price of the Swedish realm bank for economic science in memories of Alfred Nobel, which is called falsely also Nobelpreis for economic science.


Myrdal is the son of a railway technical designer and its family has its origin in Finland.

After the Abitur Myrdal studied law. 1924 he married Alva Reimer. With their it had two daughters and a son (the later writer January Myrdal).

When desired its wife Alva Myrdal it studied afterwards still national economy, sociology and financial system. This study terminated it 1927 with the graduation to the Dr. oec. In this thesis he disproved the work value thesis of Karl Marx.

After it Myrdal got a place immediately as a lecturer. In the years 1933 to 1950 he was a professor for economic policy and financial sciences at the Handelshochschule in Stockholm.

Myrdal always rejected the marxism, was however a convinced socialist. As such it was together with its wife since 1932 member of the social-democratic labour party. In the years 1933 to 1938 Myrdal represented its party in the Swedish senate.

Between 1945 and 1947 Myrdal belonged to the Swedish government as a Minister of Trade. Here he drew responsible for a trade agreement with the Soviet Union, that into that for the population very disputed war.1960 went to Myrdal back to the University of Stockholm. There it held the chair for international economic policy up to its retirement 1967.

At the age of 89 years Professor Dr. Gunnar Myrdal died to 17. May 1987 in Stockholm.

Myrdal always rejected the opinion, which could eliminate "invisible hand" of the market unequal weights, also not those between the developing countries and the industrialized countries and he endorsed the interventions of the state, also on international level, in order to receive public welfare.

He was for many years director/conductor of the European economic commission of the UN. Since its book economic theory and underdeveloped regions he was considered as one the outrider of the development policy.


  • 1970 peace price of the German book trade, together with its wife Alva Myrdal
  • 1974 Nobelpreis for economic science, together with Friedrich Hayek
  • 1981 Nehru price for international communication.

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