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The organization of immigrants into groups of immigrants represents the attempt to subdivide the Usually the categorization of the respective group of immigrants takes place with help of legal principles of the respective Ziellandes.

Federal Republic of Germany

The determines the unlimited right to residence according to German legislation. The migration report 1999 Commissioners for Foreigners of the Federal Government for foreigner questions differentiates between the following

European Union internal migration

Due to the increasing liberality within the borders more generous influx conditions than to apply for the European Union persons from other countries to humans from the member states. Most immigrants of this quite constant group from annually 150,000 to 205,000 persons come from Italy. The number of the drifts between 100.000 and 160.000 humans keeps itself just as stable.

This group constitutes a fifth of the influxes and a quarter of the

Family and spouse after course of third state members

1974 fell the Nachzugsverbot for member of foreign workers.

The Nachzug of spouses and families today the German aliens act regulates for citizens of the European Union your-genuinly, for all remaining (with the exception of diplomats) applied until 2005. Nachzugsberechtigt are main in the sense of the aliens act children and spouses residence status solidified by Germans living in Germany and foreigners with. Mostly entry visas are to be requested for family unification in the country of origin of the influx-willing persons. 1998 gave the German representations abroad 63,000 visas for the spouse and family after course. A third constituted the transnational Nachzug from wives to its foreign married men, of it was a third of Turkish descent.

Late repatriate

Apart from the recruitment of workers evacuees were a further important source of the Zuwanderung, which consequence of the lost Second World War and the division taken place thereby and reduction of Germany are by the allied ones. The evacuees from Eastern Europe are considered legally as Germans and enjoy therefore a much better right status than the other Migranten. Social difficulties and integration problems experience however also the evacuees.

The number of the evacuees amounted between 1988 and 2004 to three million, in the year 1990 was it 397.000.Nach the new German nationality right has late repatriates including spouses and children a requirement on naturalization (requirement naturalization). Late repatriates in the sense of the article 116 of the Basic Law are Germans to people-associated from the states of the former Soviet Union and other Eastern European states. The criteria of a German descent, the coinage are decisive by the German culture as well as the proof to have themselves in its past settlement areas to the German nationality well-known.

The war consequence clearing law of 1993 intensified the bases of evaluation for the admission of evacuees of German minorities made of Eastern Europe by introduction of the proof reversal. Collective a war consequence fate is only assumed in favor of Germans to people-associated from the areas of the former Soviet Union. If the former Germans originate to people-associated from other driving out areas, then they must make now their war consequence fate individually convincing. A delimitation of the Zureise took place at the same time on annually maximally 225,000 persons and the demand of the proof from German Sprachkenntnissen. Thereupon the number went mainly out of the former Soviet Union (98%) zugewanderten late repatriate continuously back on 59.093 in the year 2004. The second-strongest group placed Poland 1990 with 134.000 humans, 1998 was it only to 500.

Since 2005 must prove also the relative of knowledge of the German language.

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