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The group of salvages is the tactical basic unit of the THW. It can render versatile help and support the specialized groups personnel and by machine. It is however not specialized in individual activities. The groups of salvages are divided into the 1. Group of salvages (GKW I) and the 2. Group of salvages (GKW II).

1. Group of salvages

The 1. Group of salvages (short: 1. BGr) is the most universal group in the technical course of the THW. Personal and are aligned equipment to the accomplishment of broad a task spectrum as possible. As employment vehicle of the 1. BGr is used the equipment motor vehicle 1 (GKW 1). Usually this group is used as SEG first. The local federations of the THW can guarantee under normal conditions thereby a disengaging time of 20 to 30 minutes after the alerting. The 1. BGr is supplemented and supported by the 2. BGr or by technical specialized groups, or however it supports these. The strength of the 1. BGr amounts to 0/2/7=9 - this means 0 subunit commanders, 2 (1 group leader & 1 troop leader) and 7 aids; Total total 9 persons.

2. Group of salvages

The 2. Group of salvages (short: 2. BGr) is a component of the technical course with the THW. Beside a basic equipment, those to a large extent those the 1. BGr resembles equipped, with additional, heavier components. In particular it uses electrical and hydraulic tools. With these tools can do the 2. BGr heavy salvage also carry out, where exhaust gases or noise of burn-driven tools obstruct the employment or hurt would endanger. In the 66 managing director ranges ever once a "heavy" version of the 2.BGr is, present as type B. It is additionally equipped with concrete chain saw, plasma cutter, core drilling equipment and lifting cushion for up to 134 tons each.

The employment of the 2. BGr takes place to a large extent stationarily at the emphasis of the employment happening. The power supply secures the vehicle of the 2. BGr, the equipment motor vehicle 2 (GKW II) also for whole employment sections over building site distributors. In the GKW II also a hydraulic aggregate and a breathing air compressor are accommodated and make the special employment-tactical performance possible of the 2 beside an inserted 50-kVA-Aggregat. BGr. However in the next years most THW will have to use former crew motor vehicle with a generator as GKW II still another as trailers. The strength of the 2. BGr type A amounts to 0/2/7=9 - this means 1 group leader, 1 troop leader and 7 aids. With the type B the strength 0/3/9=12 amounts to - this means 1 group leader, 2 troop leaders and 9 aids.

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