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Di (* 1925) is prominent Swing lover and - collecting tanks, and the oldest DJ Germany.

When he heard the first Swing records in his youth time of large artists from the USA (e.g. Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Louis Armstrong), he was inspired, the records pushed with him and its friends on large interest.

But the National Socialist "realm culture chamber" pointed Swing soon as un-German and degenerates back. After beginning of war the music applied even as "enemy music "and was forbidden. Everyone, which heard, made themselves Swing music punishable and the members of the Swingjugend became and pursue observed by the Gestapo.

The Swing plates disappeared therefore to the shelves of the disk business. But Di came nevertheless to the today rare pieces of collecting tank: The way led across a friendly, into Denmark stationed soldier. There there was a comparatively paradiesisches assortment. The soldier sent the desired disks to Germany. The packages were marked with "army post office" and could arrive in such a way, without the tariff opened them, over the border. Di supplied clubs and acquaintance in Hamburg - pc. Pauli. Its collection amounted already at that time to approximately 400 shellac plates.

1942 it was denunziert and arrested with the Gestapo. He came to end of war into the concentration camp morin gene, because he "by his decomposing and state-detrimental driving into the population "carry substantial unrest, and survived.

Today lives Di in Hamburg and is well-known as the relevant Swing expert with very large Swing plate archives. It possesses approximately 10,000 CD' s and 25,000 LP' S.

With the label Ceraton it has its own CD edition, for which Di edition became "many well-known in addition, publish unknown and rare pieces from its large collection sound-restored and. In time witness discussions present at it it tells about the characteristics of different artists. Also in time witness lectures in memorial places and (music) universities he reports on its dear one to the Swingmusik and the time at that time.

In addition is the Di oldest DJ Germany. With its appearances it plays very different Swing and jazz music, which are to address the whole public. With the second large Swing DJ Germany DJane Swingin' Swanee it arises also in the double in Hamburg and in completely Germany.

In the year 2000 it was honoured by the senate of the free ones and Hanseatic city Hamburg with the Biermann Ratjen medal for its artistic earnings/services around the city Hamburg.


  • Because this music had a rhythm. Our earlier Operetten and so on, which we runtergedudelt there simply, those did not have this taut rhythm, and so we came then to the Swingmusik. We were naturally no jazz fans and no large specialists, but the music was somehow exciting. Interested us.
  • The war was the clear goal of the Nazis. The whole life was already soon militarily organized. Everywhere one drilled and marched. And with these enormous, organized marching-up, e.g. by the armed forces or the groups of SA and - banners, the citizen with march music became
  • And there we turned thus and to have said, that away are not not our life-style - in addition the Swingmusik was liberty - boundless liberty. Improvising the musicians shows already the liberty of the American jazz music, while in the German broadcast only triefende march music was played, as said.
  • It may be danced! I ask you however not to destroy the furniture!

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