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Height:71 m
Height of the dam crown:3281 m NN
Memory space:3,3 millions m
A pilot goal:3279 m NN
Crown length:265 m
Crown width:7 m

The Gouhou dam with the city Gonghe in the province Qinghai in northwest China broke on 27 August 1993 and caused a Flutwelle.

The dam

The dam had 71 m a high dam from sand and gravel with a surface seal from cement concrete. The dam material was very permeable, and there were already year before withdrawals of water from the dam. There were only few measuring instruments.

The disaster

Experts assume that an earthquake with the Magnitude 6.9 had weakened the dam after judge, which took place in April 1990. In the weeks before the break the water level had risen around 16 m to almost full back-up; it was however not first Einstau.Die a direct cause was a leakage in the seal, which entailed the erosion of the dam material. The beginning of the break was noticed at 21.15 o'clock. The inhabitants of 13 km underneath convenient city Quiapoqia were warned by motorcycle, but not all could save themselves, when around 23:50 clock reached the Flutwelle the city.

By the Flutwelle more than 240, 300, 342 or even 1200 humans died to different data; a damage to property of approx. 153 million Yuan or 18 millions US $ developed. In addition other data speak of 26 millions US $ Schaden.Die tide had to the consequence that 3000 humans became shelterless. 866 hectars field and 1,300 hectars forest one flooded.

In the dam developed a breach, which had width of 137 m above at the dam crown and further down from 61 m. About 2.61 million m are to have flowed off and a peak discharge of 1500 m /s have produced.


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