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OriginThe Netherlands (region Gouda)
MilkCow/full milk or teilentrahmt
TreatmentRaw milk or pasteurisiert
Group of cheeseCut cheese
F. ith Tr.30-48%
Energy (with 45% F.i.Tr.)1527 kJ (365 kcal)
Calcium800 mg
Protein25.50 g
Vitamin B20.30 mg
Measure/weightWheel or Blockform
Ripe time4 weeks until 2 years

Gouda (ndl. Goudse kaas) is a popular Netherlands cut cheese with min. 30 - 48% fat ith Tr.


Gouda originally originates from the regions Stolwijk, Haastrecht and Krimpenerwaard in the south of the Netherlands. Its name it owes to the city Gouda, from whose market from itself the call of this cheese spread into all world. The first documentary mention of the Gouda cheese is already 1184 to Website of the CMA history of the cheese. Thus Gouda is one oldest in writing occupied cheese places, which are manufactured and acted into our time.


With cheese of Gouda milk of the previous evening with fresh milk, cooled first, is mixed and warmed up to approximately 30 "°C. After the addition of lab and lactic acid bacteria the milk coagulates within a half hour to the Dickete. By continued cutting of the Dickete to the cheese break with the help of a cheese harp with repeated taxing away of the whey liquid is extracted from the break, until it achieved the desired consistency. Afterwards it is pressed into typically round forms and bathed after a rest period in Lake. Afterwards one stores it in cool ripe cellars one month until over one year ("over-year old ") up to desired ripe ones. Depending upon duration of the ripe time one differentiates with respect to the trade between young (four to eight weeks), centralold (two to six months) and old (six to eight and more months) Gouda.


Young Gouda tastes, the cheese mass rahmig and mild is softly to nearly cremig and from nearly whiter to lightyellow color. Only with longer ripe time an increasingly strong, spicy taste develops, at the same time becomes the cheese more dryly and darkens to an intensive gold-yellow. Over-year old Gouda tastes intensively spicy and easily sharply, its paste is and contains small cheese crystals similarly as with the Parmesan. A further Geschmacksrichtung differentiated with respect to the trade represents to the Maigouda, which is from the mild-aromatic milk, which the cows give after her (usually at the beginning of of May) the first time after the winter with on pastures in the free one again much tender to eat juicy grass gotten. The Maigouda contains like the milk, of which it is made, a somewhat higher fat portion and tastes particularly cream industrial union mild.


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