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Golden Sun is a popular game of roles for the Game Boy Advance. So far two plays appeared around the golden Sun universe, golden Sun and its successors golden Sun: The forgotten epoch. Both plays are products of the Japanese company Camelot software Planning.

General information

Golden Sun was one of the first games of roles on the Game Boy Advance. It was a surprising success for Camelot, and led to numerous fan sides and Fanfics. Both plays belong today to the most successful and most popular GBAs at all.




Isaac is old an inhabitant of the village Vale and meanwhile 17 years. It lost its father with 14 years during the large storm, a highlight at the beginning of golden Sun. Since then he dedicates himself to the study of the Psynergy. It is a Venus Adept and the main character of the first part.


Refine is the best friend of Isaac. From the age and personal record he resembles himself with Isaac. Its family remained however intact, its grandfather is even a mayor von Vale. As an inseparable friend of Isaac he experiences the play events as well as him and accompanies him also on the heavy Mission.Er is a Mars Adept and is always somewhat impudent.


The only Ivan is a companion of lord Hammet, which ruler of the city is Kalay. During a journey with it Ivan in Vault loses the valuable Schamanenstab. Nevertheless it can do it owing to the assistance of Isaac and refines again-constituted. As speedy Jupiter Adept stands it for them short time later helpfully to the side.


Mia is Merkur Adeptin and Heilerin in the village Imil. It is member of an old clan, whose task is it to protect the Merkur lighthouse close Imil. Alex was an apprentice of it, later attached it however Saturos and Menardi, and made themselves it for them possible to enter the lighthouse from Merkur to. Hereditary east over the betrayal of their clan follows Mia of the group around Isaac.


Felix is already since he a child is, with Isaac and refines friendly, however after the large storm was considered dead, until he gave to recognize each other in the Heiligtum from Sol to. Felix is a Venus Adept, like Isaac, and is 18 years old. Since the beginning of the journey Felix protects its sister Jenna. It followed Saturos and Menardi, in order to kindle the lighthouses. Its friend Isaac and its team groups in the later process with Felix' clan and kindle themselves together the beacons of the four elementary lighthouses, propelled from the desire, their than hostage held to see death-believed parents again.


Jenna is 17 years old, a fire Adept, and Felix' sister. She was kidnapped by Saturos and Menardi, in order to extort Isaac. It never yields of Felix' side.


A wind Adeptin, which fell allegedly in Lalivero of the sky. It was drawn up by Faran, which like a correct father treated it. She does not know, who their parents are or who exactly it is.


A water Adept from Lemuria. It was rinsed by the east coast by Indra and kept by an enormous Flutwelle erroneous of the inhabitants of the city Madra there as a prisoner, until it and its friends the liberty showed Felix, by proving its innocence. How old Aaron is however, this never betrays.



Saturos is the strongest Krieger of Prox. In order to save its village from the fall decides it to steal with a troop the elementary stars and kindle the lighthouses, which would prevent the disaster. The mission fail and releases the large storm. Three years later it uses however Isaac, in order to arrive at it, with success. In the unclear one however over its goals Isaac on mission of the old person takes ways off, in order to stop it and return the captured stars.


She is the companion of Saturos, and just like he a powerful Mars Adept. Menardi is the only survivor person of Saturos' former search troop.


Alex is allied with Saturos, Menardi, Hagartio and Dinaria. It is the most powerful one and thus also head this "gang". It is on the search for the golden sun (golden Sun), itself in the course of the play as the stone of the ways gentleman-issued, a stone, which can create gold and a Elexier to the immortality, the Alex at the end of the zweitren part of golden Sun attained. Alex is a very powerful water Adept, which let him believe that it was completely after receipt of the stone Unsterblich, which tried to dissuade an embodiment of the elements to it from. Whether it is now Unbesiegbar, becomes in the 3ten part gentleman-issues.


A Mars Adept, which wants exactly the same like Saturos. It was closely friendly with Saturos. When the message came that Saturos and Menardi were struck dead on the reason of the ocean to be and by travelers, he swore revenge to them. Together with Dinaria and an attack troop they drew into Vale.


A Mars Adeptin and a companion of Hagartio. Menardi was their sister and it wants at Isaac for its death to itself.

Further persons

The old person way

  The old person way is an age-old, mysterious nature, which looks like a large stone with an eye in the center. None white, from where he came, but soon becomes clear, which regulation rests on its (missing) shoulders: It has task to protect and alive receive, which world Weyard, in which whole history plays. For the first time Isaac shows up and refines from the threatening outbreak of the volcano to save in the depths of the Aleph mountain, in order.  

Professor Kraden

  Kraden is really smarter and really old man, who was separated already early from its parents, because lord Babi took him to itself, so that he would study philosophy. This should happen at only one purpose: Kraden should for Babi, which already lives for over 150 years, which Lemuria find forgotten country. When Kraden as well as Jenna of Saturos and Menardi was kidnapped, he saw this mission failing. But in the second part of "golden Sun" meet it, Felix, Jenna and Cosma the mysterious, but nice, Aaron, and originates coincidentally from that Lemuria"…. 

Master Hammet

  Hammet is a nice, roundish dealer from the city Kalay, and possesses unites influence there. When the wind Adept Ivan was still another child, he drew him up, and also it is to be owed to him that Ivan today the ability of the thought reading controlled (at least Hammet states). When Ivan acquaintance with Isaac and refine closes, Hammet gives him the powerful Schamanenstab, which is however only used into "golden Sun 2". 

Lord Babi

  Lord Babi is a figure, which one must love or hate either. Because the old chancellor of the city Tolbi (in the office for over 120 years) makes a vigorous, sometimes rather  and conceited impression. The reason for its high age is a mystischer drink from Lemuria, which it stole there long ago, and therefore there is not gladly seen (for this reason it sends also Kraden). Babi was it also, which let Isaac participate and its friends in the combat tournament of Colosso, in order to convince itself from their Kraft to. There Issac and the other many opponents, under it also the large Krieger Navampa and Azart, defeated which since that time an unbelievable Groll on Isaac preserve. 


  Iodem is Babis chancellor and the manager over the armed force of the city Tolbi. It is contrary to Babi always friendly, in a good mood, and helpfully, completely particularly opposite Isaac. When this arrives at Tolbi and its history tells Iodem, this explains itself immediately ready to support it in each erdenkliche way. 

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