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God-dear William Daimler (actually , * 17. March 1834 in Schorndorf; "† 6. March 1900 in CAN place with Stuttgart) was a German engineer, technical designer and a Industrieller. Daimler developed the first functional motor vehicle of modern type.


Daimler became to 17. March 1834 in Schorndorf, as a son of the baker master Johannes and its wife Frederika born. After it had locked the six-form high school 1848, Daimler could be trained as the 1852 it terminated the training with the associating examination. 1853 he began to work by switching of the restaurant promoter Ferdinand of Steinbeis in a mechanical engineering company in the Graffenstaden. 1857 it left the company and began a mechanical engineering study at the poly-technical school in Stuttgart, where it followed the Corps Stauffia. After end of his study and several of Steinbeis initiated study trips abroad he began to work 1862 as a technical designer for the metal goods factory Straub in Geislingen on the Steige. 1865 were transferred it the line of the engine works of an orphan home into Reutlingen, where he met for the first time with William May brook. 1867 married Daimler the pharmacist daughter Emma Kunz, with which he had five children, among them son Paul Daimler. 1869 took over Daimler the executive committee of the workshops of the Karlsruher mechanical engineering company. Short time began also May brook later to work than technical draughtsman in the company. After three years Daimler from the mechanical engineering company changed to the gas engine factory Deutz, where he got the line of the workshops transferred by Nikolaus Otto. Also May brook changed the petrol engine to Deutz and brought 1872 under the line Daimlers to production stage. Under the line Daimlers developed the company from a small workshop to a then world enterprise.

After a controversy between Daimler and Otto left Daimler 1882 the company Deutz and created in CAN place an attempt workshop. Its goal was the development of smaller, fast constantly combustion engines, those to be universally applicable should and vehicles of all kinds to country, to water and in air propel could. After one year (1883) it announced an a cylinder four-stroke engine developed together with May brook and optimized the employment of gasoline as fuel.

A further invention of Daimler and May brook was the 1885 designed "riding cars", the first motorcycle of the world. Whereupon the installation of the "petrol engine" followed in a boat and thus the invention of the motorboat. In October 1886 Daimler built its engine into a Kutsche manufactured by William Wimpff, with which he is considered as an inventor of the of motor vehicle. (The "Kraftdroschke" of Carl Benz possessed only 3 wheels. And the opinion kolportierte still, the Mecklenburger Siegfried Marcus living in Vienna came Benz and Daimler already before 1875, disproved by clear historical sources.) 1887 built to Daimler an engine into an exhibition course (streetcar). Not for a long time after it Daimler "invented" the truck.

In order to be able to sell the developed engines, Daimler let an engine car of May brook, which was demonstrated on that Paris world exhibition design in the years 1886-1889. At the same time Carl Friedrich Benz designed the first automobile.

1887 created Daimler a factory in CAN place and equipped 1888 the car of a Gasballons with an engine. Thus one of the first airships developed. 1890 came the company into difficulties, since she could not sell sufficient vehicles. For the reorganization of the enterprise Daimler created the Daimler engine society, in which beside him and William May brook the Indstriellen max of Duttenhofer and William Lorenz were involved. Because of disputes with the Lorenz Daimler withdrew 1893 from the society. In the meantime it had developed the first two-cylinder row engine together with May brook 1892.

After the death of its wife 1889 he married 1893 Lina Schwend, with which he had two children.

By the support of the British Industriellen Frederick R. Simms, who wanted to acquire the rights at the engine only with a return Daimlers to the Daimler engine society, Daimler became 1894/95 again shareholder and finally chairman of the supervisory board. He let build 1899 by May brook a racing car, that on the name Mercedes was baptized (after the first name of the daughter of Daimlers driver, technical designer and dealer Emil Jellinek).

Label name Daimler
This new label name Mercedes did not serve last to deal legal difficulties with the name Daimler abroad since different companies had acquired the license there on the Daimler engines and/or thereby propelled vehicles. Thus the confusing situation developed that nowadays the company Ford holds the rights at the label name "for Daimler ". In England to today luxury sedans under this mark, to a large extent variants of jaguar types are produced, like "the Daimler double Six Vandenplas ". If the English queen in a luxury body with short, diagonally dropping trunk moves forward, then it concerns usually one "Daimler sedan ", non like one mine could - around a Rolls-Royce or Bentley.

1900 died God-dear Daimler in CAN place with Stuttgart and on the Uff Kirchhof were buried there. It left about a quarter of the share capital of the Daimler engine society to its family. Daimler had suppressed royalties from France and obtained Duttenhofer, with the menace of a scandal, from the family a renouncement of all claims to leadership. Shortly thereafter a capital increase was decided, toward which the family Daimler was back-pushed into the role of a small shareholder of the Daimler engine society, and no influence on their further development more took. 1926 were merged the Daimler engine society with the company Benz & Cie von Carl Benz into Daimler Benz AG.

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  • Harry Niemann: God-dear Daimler. Factories, banks and engines. 1. Edition. Delius Klasing, Bielefeld 2000, ISBN 3-7688-1210-3

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