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Goat cheese (in Switzerland ) is cheese from the milk of goats.

There is, as also with cheese from cow's milk, a large range of different sorts. Each sort is not made to 100% of goat milk, it is often under-mixed cow or sheep milk. If German goat cheese is to be defined however as such, it must consist to 100% of goat milk.

A local speciality is the Altenburger goat cheese g.U., it is registered in the European Union under this name as protected designation of origin and may with the appropriate seal be distinguished.

A further speciality is the Norwegian Ekte Geitost ", east means "cheese "). It is made of goat whey, goat milk and goat cream. Its characteristic brown color receives the cheese by the Karamellisierung of the lactose. It is the furthest common cheese in Norway, nearly a culinary national symbol.

The sort variety reaches from over soft and mould cheese up to hard cheese. Also the flavour is enough from mild and cremig to strong aromatic.

The contents materials of the cheese are as far as possible identical to made of cow's milk the manufactured. The fat portion and the portion of milk protein are however somewhat smaller. It is partially possible for humans with milk protein incompatibility to eat this cheese.

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