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The weekly paper is since 3 February 2006 a local weekly paper appearing in Goettingen and the closer environment. Publisher is the publishing house cooperative weekly paper EEC. The newspaper calls itself as independent, day of publication is always on Fridays. It has an extent from 32 sides and is beside the day sheet the second appearing regular newspaper in the city. Since 26 November 2004, the of the cooperative is, according to own instruction, their number of members of fifty on over 300 grown. The weekly paper covers the departments politics and social, economics and work, culture, town development, environment and nutrition, sport, miscellaneous items, in addition there is an open participation side and a reader forum. The newspaper employs eight employees coworkers and woman employees firmly.


On 29 September 2003 the project of a local weekly paper the first time of the public was presented. The first meeting of the Genossenschaftler took place on 21 April 2004, the publishing house cooperative weekly paper EEC on 26 November 2004 was based. The first extra charge with the topic culture appeared to environment and nutrition on 14 October 2005, on 11 November gave it the second extra charge with the topic. The number unity of the weekly paper was published on 3 February 2006.

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