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GLARE is a new material combination, which thickens few tenths millimeters from many, in each case only, layers exists. These layers consist alternating of aluminum and a glass fiber laminate (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) and under pressure are stuck together.

The word GLARE is an acronym and stands for "glass fibre reinforced aluminum". It was developed particularly for the aircraft construction and used for the first time wide with the airbus A380, with which large parts of the upper outer hull consist of GLARE.

The advantage over aluminum - so far the standard work material in the aircraft construction - is in the good Durchbrand as well as impact behavior. Therefore it is used first of all in the upper fuselage area, on the underwing as well as in the leading-edge area of the vertical stabilizer and in the cockpit area. A further advantage over aluminum is its behavior opposite tears. Tears "are bridged" by the glass fiber layers, so that the cracking speed with increasing tear length decreases, while with aluminum the cracking speed increases strongly. The density of GLARE lies in for instance with that in the aircraft construction of the usual aluminum min around, can vary however depending upon layer thickness somewhat.

The reduced elastic module, it is unfavorable lies with the GLARE with approx. 57000 MPa (elastic module aluminum approx. 73000 MPa). Due to the smaller rigidity flutter and/or swinging can occur. Also the price is a disadvantage: GLARE costs about six times as much as aluminum, which besides more simply be processed can. When the assembling of GLARE it must be paid attention particularly to the fact that the individual layers separate not from each other (delaminieren) or when boring splinters between the glass fiber and aluminum layers press themselves.

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