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Giovanni Brusca (* 1957 in San Giuseppe Jato, Sicily, Italy) was one of the most brutal leaders of the Sicilian mafia.

Giovanni was well-known as mammasantissima - a terrible Mafioso, and as lo scannacristiani "a people butcher". It ascended as Corleonisi (a Mafia family from the mountain small town Corleone) to capomandamento, i.e. to the Boss of three Mafiafamilien. Its Capo and Boss at that time of the Bosse were Salvatore Riina. This was replaced after its arrest 1993 from Bernardo Provenzano.

Together with its brother Emanuele Brusca it was active up to its arrest 1996 for the Sicilian mafia. Emanuele functioned as a diplomat. For the blood his younger brother Giovanni was responsible. Giovanni was at that time an illiterate, who learned vintages and letters only in the prison (thus after 1996).

Giovanni Brusca was it, the 500 kg explosive for the assassination attempt on the judge and Giovanni Falcone prepared, in washing powder tons packed and into a discharge pipe under the motorway with Palermo pushed. The bomb killed the judge, its wife and the five bodyguards to 23. May 1992 in Capaci with Palermo.

It was the prelude to a series of murders and assassination attempts, with which the old mafia mutated finally for combination of terror, which did not look for co-operation with the state longer, but war. Also with the murder at Paolo Borsellino was Giovanni Brusca involved. Both murders happened on behalf of Salvatore Riina.

Giovanni Brusca had kidnapped the small son Giuseppe of the Mafiosos Santino Di Matteo cooperating with the police, when the boy was years old straight times eleven. Two years and three months kept he the child imprisoned in a shed, tortured him again and again and passed on the father photo of the injuries. Finally Brusca that in the meantime boy and dissolved the corpse in acid to only bring in order its father to the silence.

Emanuele Brusca undertook the messenger courses to the delegates, who were considered as a governor von Giulio Andreotti in Sicilies: to the delegate Salvatore Lima and the brothers Ignazio and Nino Salvo.

finally 1996 triumphierte the law: 400 policemen encircled the house, in Giovanni Brusca with his family kept themselves hidden. After its arrest it, it confessed had killed "many more than hundred, but surely less than two hundred "humans.

Today the brothers are Brusca most important pentiti ("the Reuigen ") Italy - the only direct allied Salvatore Riina, which decided to the statement. Giovanni Brusca was, until the Boss decided to co-operation with the law, the only Boss under the Mafiosi.

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