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Giorgio Basile (* 1960 called in Corigliano Calabro, the angel face) is an GermanItalian Mafioso of the' Ndrangheta.

As a son of a kalabrischen immigrant worker he comes 1961 to at the Ruhr. 1966 begin its nut/mother a relationship with the Mafioso Antonio de Cicco and pull with the child back after Kalabrien and 1968 again to Germany.

Basile becomes professional killer of the mafia. Up to 30 he is to have committed murders; because of four murders he is accused.

1998 are arrested Basile at the station by Kempten in the and later to principal witnesses against the mafia. It lives in the witness protection program of the Italian police.

On 17 November 2005 it answered with mirror on-line ones to interested readers questions.

It has a daughter and a son.


  • Andreas Ulrich, the angel face, dva, Munich 2005, ISBN 3421058997

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