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Giants Citizen Kabuto is a computer game of the planet Moon Studio from the year 2000.


In the play first around a group of Mercenarys, under also Baz are as one of the main figures, which falls with its spaceship and appears only once in a strange world. There arrived, Baz finds out quite fast that the so-called "Smarties "(small kauzige natures) is terrorized and suppressed by "the Reapern "and "Sea Reapern ".

Since Baz is "a good one ", he would like to abolish this bad state. In addition it must however only times its over the whole world scattered friends to find. After he did that, he with his four friends and two Smarties turn into to the attack and would like to kill the bad Sea Reaper queen; they meet the marvelous daughter of the queen, who is called Delphi and at all with the kind of the rule of their nut/mother does not agree. Baz falls in love immediately with Delphi and in such a way fights it from now on together against the bad queen.

After the player with Baz made his contribution for the release of the Smarties, one takes over control of Delphi, in order to kill with it the queen. Contrary to the Mercenarys, which set on jet luggage, invisibility sign and other technical stuff, builds Delphi on a sword and different kinds of elbows and with "the power Ups "on charms of all strength like e.g. a time stop blister or a gigantic Tornado.

Unmentioned up to now the name giver was Kabuto. This is called from the bad queen to its protection, releases however after their death perfectly and runs Amok. In order to stop it, Delphi transforms to a Kabuto clone. Kabuto is a gigantic monster, which strikes or up-eats everything to mash, which kommmt it into the traverse. Its weapons are completely natural kind: Pranken, feet, teeth and its whole body. In addition Kabuto can have two "small "children, who obey him on the word. To its further weapons belong gigantic stones, which lie about in the world and which it uses as projectiles. And last it can bundle and as remote combat weapon use a laser beam also still with a kind lens.

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