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is former, to the today's lime tree AG belonging, manufacturer of diesel engines and tractors with seat in Aschaffenburg.


The company was created 1904 in Munich as a engine society of engine farmer the Hugo together with some other Industriellen, among other things Carl von Linde.

1907 was shifted the works after Aschaffenburg.

The company built above all Diesel machines with an output of 60 to 600 HP, later rather for small diesel engines.

Starting from 1934 a great many agricultural tractors were produced, until 1969 approximately 100,000 pieces.

1955 presented hydrostatic elements to as innovative technical innovation. This invention is responsible until today considerably for the success of the lime tree stackers.

1962 placed after completion of the Koorperation with ancestor the G-Treckerreihe. There were several engines, which arrived at the installation, among them the high performance one 6 L 79-Motor. into the tractors the G60 and G75 arrived. Many models of the G-series had to be had with all wheel.

adjusted 1969 the manufacturing of tractors and diesel engines. Starting from end of the 1950er years corridor vehicles were already produced by The name does not exist since manufacturing deactivation any longer, so that the corridor vehicles are offered today under the name lime tree.

1991 were painted the trade name from the trade register.

In recent past the tractors were promoted pieces of collecting tank desired by in the old timer scene to.


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