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Ernst Georg August tree garden (* 21 January 1837 in Johanngeorgenstadt; "† 23 June 1884 in Colditz) was a German forest man and inventor.

George tree garden studied 1859 forest sciences in Tharandt from 1857 - and became 1869 in Pleissa. Still before its removal after (with Chemnitz), as royally Saxonian it led its first model of a guidable balloon there from 1871 to the developed in the year 1871: a "cigar", consisting of a 1 meter long wooden frame, which was filled with child balloons.

Tree garden built first some unmanned airship models with feather/spring engine. On 31 July 1879 a successful manned ramp took place in Together with the Leipziger publisher and bookseller Dr. Friedrich Hermann was built in Dresden the three-car ship "white eagle", a balloon with a length of 26 meters, 3 cars and thumbscrews, which were propelled by crank handle. 1881 forbade its set forward authority the airship experiments to it. Tree garden continued working however secretly. 1882 took place thereupon the removal from office. As a broken man it died 1884 in the national lunatic asylum Colditz at Tuberkulose. Tree garden for its inventions altogether 12 patents were given.

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