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George Ludwig Hartig (* 2 September 1764 in Gladenbach; "† 2 February 1837 in Berlin) was a German forest scientist.

Life and effect

Like Heinrich Cotta comes of also George Ludwig Hartig to a forstlich coined/shaped family - already father and grandfather exercised this occupation in the hessian hinterland. After a two-year theory of an apprenticeship certificate of the uncle acquitting at the University of pouring coming ral science heard. At that time a procedure unusual for the time. In the year 1786 it stepped into the service of the prince to Solms Braunfels and created a forstliche master school. 1797 appointed it the prince of Oranien Nassau as a national forest master after Dillenburg. 1806 it followed an offer king Friedrichs I. of and went as an upper forest advice of the forest administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg to Stuttgart, of where it became to appoint 1811 as upper land forest masters and deputy manager for forest and affairs of hunt into the Prussian general administration of the domains and forests to Berlin. it furnished a chair for forestry to 1821 at the university to Berlin, from which the Forstliche became later university Eberswalde.

In an early work Hartig gathered all at that time well-known rules to the establishment and care of forest stands. Combined into short theorems, published it it 1791 as "instruction for the wood breed for ". It let follow its four years later "instruction for the rating forests ". A work that the mass framework conceived by it described. With the mass framework surfaces of same Haubarkeitsmassen are assigned to each restaurant economics. For some selected existence Hartig prepared 120 to 180 year old economic plans with exact measure gifts for treatment. Servile holding to these plans was doubted by Heinrich Cotta and brought in for it an unpleasant scientific dispute with the critical Friedrich William Leopold arrow.

Hartig worked in the subsequent years at different prince houses and published 1808 its "text book for ", which was presented nearly seventy years long again and again. This standard work contained also the general rules for inventory reason.

After the defeat of Prussia in the napoleonischen wars Heinrich Friedrich Karl baron of the stone reformed the commonwealth of reason up. Hartig was offered the place of the upper land forest master. Before it the enormous task lay to restructure the completely desolate forest administration. A school instruction of the had been suspended for years. The members of the riding field hunter corps were rather a military formation as an administrative unit. They became to a large extent in material assets, which Accidentien so mentioned pays, which opened door and gate for the corruption.

Hartig consolidated the national forest enterprise, by letting incapable retire and the often carved up forest surface arrondierte by additional purchase, exchange or sales. It succeeded to it also to stop the unrestrained sales of state forest (to the improvement of the household). He took over it familiar, South German for the organization of the administration.

It introduced also a new rating procedure of forest surfaces, after it had noticed that the past procedure evaluated the existence much too low. In this connection it redefined the lastingness thought for Prussian state forests. The embarrassingly exact attention of principles of the lastingness brought in even the acknowledgment of the writer Friedrich Schillers, which expressed itself very praising over its working for the forest people.

Hartig implemented the establishment of a forstlichen academy in Berlin, whose first director Friedrich became William Leopold arrow on his operation.

Despite all achievements Hartig did not recognize the transformations, which were set by its reforms in motion. It led its unreasonable arresting at general rules and to schematic proceeding to the fact that he had to see still during lifetimes, as the order in the Prussian state forests, created by him, was replaced.

Its son Theodor Hartig became likewise a well-known forest scientist.

Altogether George Ludwig Hartig is probably the most important "Forstlichen in such a way specified classical author" who had a tremendous influence on forestry in Germany and in the whole world. In order to awake-hold the memory by it and its work, 1987 on initiative of the hessian national forest administration the George Ludwig hard industrial union donation were brought into being. It lends the George Ludwig hard industrial union price since 1990.

Hartigs burial place is on the cemetery in Berlin and of the city as honour burial place of Berlin was recognized.


To honours George Ludwig Hartigs of established monuments Gladenbach stand as well as in its effect places Hungen, in its place of birth Dillenburg - where there also a Hartigstrasse is -, Stuttgart (Schurwald) and Berlin. Further monuments are in and in Darmstadt, where 1840 with donations of its pupils and Verehrer from Germany, France and Poland in the park forest of the Fasanerie an impressive monument were established to it. The architect George Moller sketched the high Obelisken.

Writings (selection)

  • Instruction for the wood breed for , Marburg 1791 [R]
  • Physicali attempts over hold back-eat combustibilities of most German forest tree woods"… etc., 1794
  • Instruction for the rating of the forests or for the determination of the wood yield of the forests"… etc., pouring 1795 [R]
  • Principles of the forest management
, Hadamer: New scholars bookshop 1803 [R]
  • Text book for and it to become to want"… etc.. , Stuttgart 1808
  • '' Kubiktabellen for cut, fitted and round woods, 1815
  • Text book for hunters and it to become to want"… etc., (2 parts), Stuttgart 1810/1812 [R]
  • Contribution to the theory of the separation wood, strewing and pasture easements, Berlin 1829
  • The forest science to their whole extent"… etc., Berlin 1831
  • Encyclopedia for hunters and hunt friends or Conversations encyclopedia, 1836
  • [R]: Book of the donation as Reprint bring out and with it available.


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