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Genuine aloe
:Bedecktsamer (Magnoliophyta)
: (Liliopsida)
:Lily something similar (Liliidae)
:Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
: (Asphodelaceae)
:Aloes (aloe)
Scientific name
Aloe vera

The genuine aloe (aloe vera L., synonym: Aloe barbadensis Mill.,), also Curacao aloe, Barbados aloe, Socotrine aloe, Venezuela aloe, Zanzibar aloe mentioned, is a plant type from the kind of the aloes (aloe), which belong to the (Asphodelaceae). In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic use it is almost exclusively well-known under its synonymous scientific name aloe vera and/or aloe barbadensis.

The aloes are Blattsukkulenten, which are resident only in hot and dry zones of Africa. They are cultivated also in other dry regions for example Americas.


If the plants are old several years, they form high bloom conditions with traubig arranged reddish, triple blooms over 1 m. The plant can become years old up to 10.

Only older plants form a higher trunk, with younger plants are tossed for these, so that the sheets are relatively close at the soil. The sheets are arranged, about 40 to 50 cm long and to the 6 to 7 cm broad. They consist of three different layers, which contain specific in each case contents materials. A grey-green leather-like outside layer protects the plant against draining. The yellowish harzige juice of the fiber layer which is under it contains among other things Aloine, which animal-ate the plant by its bitter taste forwards protects. From this harzigen juice by drying up pharmaceutical used Curacao aloe is won. The internal layer (Mesenchymschicht) represents the actual liquid memory. It consists of a gel with a Wasseranteil of 96%, materials contains, which are to promote the defense protection against humans and the Wundheilung. One calls this according to Oghuzan China oil.



The strong exhausting (welfare-end) effect from the sheet resin won "aloe "is well-known since long time. As contents materials to mention are beside Aloin: Barbaloin, Isobarbaloin, Anthracen, Anthranol, ZimtsĀ¤ure and their ester.

Aloe of vera gels

For medical and cosmetic purposes, as well as food addition the gel and/or the juice (as well as partly also the sheets) of the plant is usually used.

The main active substance is the Acemannan, a langkettiges Polysaccharid. This substance activated in in-Vitro-experiments the immune system, protects the cell membranes and is antibacterially, antivirally and antimykotisch effective. This substance, which is used in the dental medicine also as dentures adhesive, can be taken up however only over the gastro-intestinal tract to the body, if as a natural component pure sheet Mark is used.

Besides the aloe contains vera of mineral materials (calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium among other things), Vitamine, amino acids and secondary plant materials (Flavonoide). Altogether at present approx. 400 different contents materials are well-known.

In the following the areas of application are mentioned, which are stressed at present for aloe of vera gels. Scientific investigations to the effectiveness for these areas were employed however only in the rarest cases. In contrast to it there are hundreds of empirical empiric reports from application as internal and outward house means.

  • Outward application: with abscesses, acne, foot mushroom, Neurodermitis, Herpes, badly welfare-ends wounds, Ekzemen, shed, hair loss. For the Linderung of small burns (e.g. sun fire) or Neurodermitisbeschwerden aloe serves vera as house means. In addition some centimeters of a sheet can cut off, which edges removed and which sheet are crosswise divided. The gel can be laid on then directly on the skin. The effectiveness of aloe vera with outside application is controversially discussed at present.
  • Shock: Animal experimental data show that a polymere coal hydrate from the slimy Pflanzensaft could work with the shock due to strong Blutverlust cycle-stabilizing and by the time gained even life-saving.
  • Immunmodulatori effectiveness: For the stabilization of the immune system with cold, in addition, with AIDS and cancer, aloe vera gels are applied. Contrary to its proven immunmodulatorischen in-vitro-effect, its inefficacy could be shown with humans with AIDS or different cancer forms in clinical studies.
  • Further areas of application: Arthritis, charge, Ischias, rheumatism; Problems of the stomach, the kidney and the pancreas; Arteriosklerose and angina pectoris. Effectiveness proofs of a naturwissenschaftlilchen character for these areas of application are not well-known. Probably in addition, here numerous empirical ones.
  • Dental medicine: Aloe vera haltige tooth-paste particularly works against the Parodontitis.

An important condition for the use of the gel was that the texanische pharmacist Bill C developed. Coates a procedure for the peeling of the sheets and for the preservation of the sheet gel. In a Filettiermaschine that is separated sheet Marks carefully from the sheet crust, so that the exhausting Anthracenderivate at the inside of the sheet crust does not contaminate the gel. The gel becomes under addition of the Vitamine C and E, in a patented procedure in high-grade steel tanks Under intended low temperatures it comes for a chemical reaction, which makes the preservation possible of the heat-sensitive active substances.

Reciprocal effects

Reciprocal effects with hydraulic Kortisoncremes can occur. With simultaneous use of diabetes means the blood pressure can drop.


Wildly increasing kinds of aloe are by that Washington protection of species agreements of the 3. March 1973 protected - plant products which come from outside of its natural circulation area in-patriated or from artificially increased aloes, are excluded from. The aloe is cultivated vera beside Africa on Plantagen in Texas, Florida and Mexico, on the Kanaren, to the Netherlands Antilleses, in the coastal regions of Venezuela and since short one also on a large Plantage in Colonche, Ecuador.

Culture history

Already Alexander the large one let injuries of the soldiers treat with the juice of the aloe vera. Nofretete and Cleopatra used an aloe paste for the striking and beauty care.

The Greek physician Dioskurides (1. Jh.) describes the aloe in the Materia Medica then as a plant, which" [...] adstringirende, draining, the body consolidating, which belly solving, the stomach cleaning Kraft have [...] ", which help with water drunk against jaundice, in addition, when and laid on with wounds and ulcers (before all within the range of the sex organs) effect exhausting means is to show. Also the Ayurveda medicine knows similar operational areas on the skin and with Menstruationsbeschwerden. Still close at the superstition was the conception, the aloe lends Mrs. Kraft of the youth and regenerates female nature.

The but faith knows also a with the name aloe to which gladly with the Auferstehung Jesu one connected. Similarly for this aloe was also the name of one of the three so-called" women who are awake at the grave in the benediction ". The connection of the expressions among themselves as also to the plant remains unclear, particularly since the eastern association of charm strength seems completely away-broken. (see HdA). In 10. Century recommended the Patriarch of Jerusalem Alfred the aloe plant to the large one of England as cure. Thus the aloe arrived to Great Britain.

In the early modern times the Spanish Conquistadores brought the plant to Central America, on the westIndian islands and to Bolivia, the Mayas gave her the name source to the youth. Christoph Kolumbus carried pots with aloe vera on its ships, in order to be able to treat like Alexander the injuries of the soldiers. lm 16. Spanish Jesuiten discovered century then the wild aloe vera, which could be cultivated also, where its cultivated sister did not want to prosper.

In the 30's 20. Century with the use of X-ray in the cancer therapy the aloe paste was rediscovered as means against the skin burns by high doses. Starting from the 90's aloe variants of most diverse care products come on the market, although the dermatologische effect is further disputed. As also different Kosmetika is driven out aloe half finished steel products frequently by network marketing enterprises.

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