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Gentleman Mr. Julius Meyer (* 4 April 1826 in Gotha; "† 12. March 1909 in Leipzig) was a German publisher.


Gentleman Mr. Meyer was born as a son of the publisher and bookseller Joseph Meyer in the Thuringian Residenzstadt Gotha in the duchy Saxonia Gotha Altenburg. After a theory to the bookseller he worked in the publishing house of his father, who had been created 1826 as bibliographic Institut in Gotha and since 1828 in Hildburghausen in the duchy Saxonia Meiningen was. In the year 1849 gentleman Mr. Meyer created a branch in New York. After the death of its father he took over 1856 in the meantime the economically fastened publishing house and consolidated him. In the year 1874 it shifted the seat of the bibliographic institute of Hildburghausen in the Kingdom of Saxonia to Leipzig.

In the year 1884 gentleman Mr. Meyer from the publishing house withdrew itself and transferred him to his sons Arndt (1859-1920) and Hans (1858-1929). it created 1888 in Leipzig the association for building cheap dwellings. It converted the association on 3 April 1900 into the donation to building cheap dwellings. The donation established Lindenau, Eutritzsch, Reudnitz and Kleinzschocher to 1914 four living colonies with altogether approx. 2,700 dwellings in the Leipziger quarters.

Gentleman Mr. Meyer was buried on the Leipziger south cemetery (IIITH department).


In its death year it the inhabitants of the colony Reudnitz donated a Gedenktafel and a 1928 a road in the colony Kleinzschocher after it Herrmann Meyer road were designated. In the vernacular it is honoured this very day by the name Meyersdorf for the colony Kleinzschocher.

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