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Gentleman handbag one of men used variant of the handbag is called.

Gentleman handbags are not based in their organization on the handbags used by women; rather they are rather conceived as increased wallets with increased number of subjects. They are made mostly of leather, imitation leather or artificial fibers. A retaining loop serves usually for carrying the bag at the wrist. Shoulder belts find to rare use.

The gentleman handbag came in the second half of the 1970er years into use. Stressed the cut of fashionable gentleman masters of that time close in the and made carrying more difficult wallets in the trouser pockets or even not possibly made it. The gentleman handbag should create remedy as new accessory.

Due to the similarity to the lady handbag the gentleman handbag was called at the beginning of or and was considered as typical to homosexual ones, why its use long time of many men was avoided. Only to the end of the 1970er years was considered it as established, but into the early 1980er years already came it again except use and is only rarely used.

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