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Garelli is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles, small motor cycles and bicycles.

The company Garelli was created in the year 1919 by Adalberto Garelli.


1913 designed Italian engineer and Motorradrennfahrer Alberto Garelli its own two-stroke engine, he used two pistons for the gas price increase (double piston principle). Garelli Rennmaschinen applied up to the appearance of the DKW motorcycles as the fastest Zweitakter at all. With the first motorcycle even built and an ccm engine 1919 Ettore Girardi the remote travel from Milan to Neapel won 350 in the autumn. It put 840 km back with a cut of 38,29 km/h. In the following years the Rennmaschinen of Garelli were hardly to be struck. So the enterprise could book 1923 eight world records for itself. Afterwards there were 138 until 1926 altogether still partially to today still valid long-distance records and numerous GP-victories. Many famous Italian running drivers such as Ernesto Gnesa, Tazio Nuvolari and Achille Varzi began their running driver career with Garelli. 1928 gave up to Garelli the building of motorcycles on a large scale and still supplied until 1935 the military with motorcycles.

After that 2. World war produced Garelli predominantly slot-steered engines from 34 to 125 ccm and had largest success in Italy with the building of the Mosquito engine and the Capri scooter.

Garelli in Germany

Garelli became particularly starting from the sixties in Germany admits, when the company penetrated dispatch and Karstadt by the selling with the Neckermann into the German two-wheeler market, which was firm at that time in the hand established German manufacturer such as Hercules, Kreidler and The two-wheelers of Garelli, probably most well-known in Germany, were the types Bonanza, Monza and record. The Bonanza was about as large as an Honda DAX, and there were her as Mofa, moped and Mokick. By the compact design the Bonanzas was very popular with campers and owners of living mobile, since one could surround the steering wheel with few handles. The small motor cycles Monza and record were particularly with the young people from the simple worker layer like, since they were affordable for them by their favorable selling price also.

1978 got then the German small motor cycle manufacturers to Garelli in trouble, when in the catalogs of Neckermann the small motor cycle record with 7 HP emerged. Because the German manufacturers had agreed to limit the engine performance of small motor cycles on 6,25 HP.

Starting from 1980 the two light motor cycles Enduro 80 5V and sport 80 5V von Garelli appeared, also again over Neckermann at a price of only 2998. - and 3250. - DM were sold.

By the low selling price and the selling by Neckermann the Garellis always became as "cheap commodity, which is suited not much", stamped, which did not correspond however to the facts.

1984 came it then to the assumption of the company Kreidler into grain west home. There now installed quick with the Kreidler Logo to 1986 the Garelli Mofas Flory, flirt and. The work was given up a little later. Afterwards Garelli disappeared first times from the German market.

Garelli in Italy

Around 1955 there were the first contacts to Agrati. Agrati was a manufacturer of electric motors and bicycle accessories. Garelli let frame parts for motorcycles manufacture first and to make the assembly of some models later. As return Garelli supplied at Agrati engines for their scooters.

The motorcycles Motoleggera 125 and KL 125 developed in this time. It concerned however machines with four-stroke engines. From the KL 125 the first light motor cycles record and record CROSS with 98 ccm for the German market were developed then later. These vehicles possessed however a two-stroke engine and over a dealer in Cologne were driven out.

By the good business relations of the companies Garelli and Agrati it came around 1960 to the union of the two enterprises. Under the names Agrati Garelli were manufactured now the two-wheelers, whereby the name Agrati always remained in the background. First only the mopeds M1, M2 and M3 were manufactured. The mopeds were equipped with entrance transmission with centrifugal clutch or two or three-course transmission with Handschaltung. Afterwards the Garellino, a vehicle with automatic transmission followed. End of the sixties became it more sportily with Agrati Garelli. One developed the Mokick junior 50 in a route and a sport version with three-course transmission. Some time later became from it the Monza with fussschaltung and Vierganggetriebe. At the same time the area machines junior CROSS and tiger developed. Contrary to the German and English versions there were the vehicles only as Sportmokick. For English market 1971 the Krad KL 100 were developed. The KL 100 was identically constructed up to the engine with the German Garelli record of 1973 and had 98 ccm.

1972 were brought the two models to Eureka and Eureka Flex on the market, from which there was a mofa and a Mokickversion. They were again modernized 1977. The Eureka was the forerunner of the more modern NOI, at the end of of 1979 into the trade came. In the year 1976 the Mokick Ciclone with for the Italian market appeared. In the early eighties the complete moped pallet was renewed, and 1982 were introduced the 125 TSR with water cooling, with and electronic ignition. It was the starting point for a stronger commitment with light motorcycles. In addition the GTA 125 developed . Within the moped range the models appeared basic, Formuna, Gary, Sahel, team, Urka and VIP. Thus the new motor vehicle types were built still until approx. 1991.

Garelli today

Although Garelli of the German market disappeared and it also in Italy around the enterprise became calmer, to bicycles and scooters were manufactured some years ago still predominantly. It concerned the following scooters of models:

  • GARELLI Big Wheel
  • GARELLI Pony

In March 2006 Paolo Berlusconi, the brother of Silvio Berlusconi secured itself, the rights of the use of a name of the mark. First new product is designated the new 50's-scooter Mosquito, after Garellis largest sales impact. However the scooter is built now in China.

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