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Under game-verb-eat the Abbeissen about buds, sheets or branches particularly at forest-economically desired plants by game one understands. As a causer in question above all bowl game (all kinds of bowl game with exception of the wild pig) comes. Is only locally important verb-eat by field hare and game rabbit. Depending upon intensity the plant concerned is not impaired, arises to stature delays, develops for (Bonsaiformen) or dies it.

Verb-eat belonged to the natural life expressions of the game and becomes only then the problem if it comes with social goals (forest functions) or goals of humans keeping house in the forest (rarer with agricultural goals) into conflict. Because the game under the determined kinds comes more or less preferentially (lining up in approximately bird berry before oak, Hainbuche, noble hardwood, fir, beech, spruce, Kiefer, Birke), it to competition advantages with less verbissenen plants. Particularly deer select its food or with preference after their Stickstoffgehalt, which is high e.g. in buds of deciduous trees. Thus can accordingly more distributed game-verb-eat originally mixed forests into nowadays unwanted pure existence to transform. Very high verb eating pressure prevents the taper ratio of the forest (regenerate a recent forest generation) at all.

Intolerable ones game-verb-eat to prevent is primarily task of the hunt. Thus the federal game laws require in a general manner that the main tree species occurring in the hunting ground can be essentially tapered without preventive measures. Direct protection devices are the building of forest culture fences or the single protection (mistake of the individual plant with mechanical or chemical protective agents).

At a forstlichen culture or at nature tapering can game-verb-eat to sensitive damage and high expenditures (e.g. for Nachpflanzungen) to lead. If an economic damage (game damage) results from bowl game or rabbit, the damage can usually require payment of damages.

Beside game-verb-eat can also a sweeping (antlers) and the peeling a tree existence damage.

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