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The compound semiconductor Galliumantimonid (GaSb) is a direct semiconductor with a gap of 0,726 eV (300 K). It consists of the elements gallium (Ga) and antimony (self-service).

As is the case for most Iii V semiconductors the crystal structure is the zinc blende structure, the grating space amounts to 6.09593 angstroms, the atomic density 3.53 x 10 " Atome/cm

GaSb e.g. is for the production of opto-electronic elements, like laser diodes with small threshold voltage, photodetectors with high quantum efficiency or high frequency elements, of increasing importance.

Differently than most other semiconductors it is not possible to manufacture GaSb semiisolierend. Nominal unendowed GaSb has a natural p-conductivity (p ~ 1016 - 1017 cm-3). The natural acceptor is still topic of current discussion. As its cause a Ga-blank character and/or a Ga-Leerstellenkomplex or an Ga-atom on a self-service lattice site are considered possible.

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