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The fusion core injection moulding is a special procedure of the plastic injection moulding. It serves for manufacturing shaped parts with cavities or Hinterschneidungen, which would not be possible with tools with release from formable cores.


The procedure consists of three substantial steps. First one pours a core, which corresponds to the cavity in the intended shaped part, which can be formed, made of a lowmelting metal. This is inserted in the second step into the spraying casting tool and umspritzt with plastic. Shaped part and core are released from form together and brought in the third step into a heating bath, in order to out-melt the core. The bath temperature is selected somewhat more highly than the melting point of the core alloy, so that the Spritzgussteil is not damaged yet. By inductive warming up of the core metal in the heating bath the fuse time is reduced to few minutes. Liquid core metal collects itself at the soil of the heating bath and is usable for new cores.


The employment of the fusion core procedure is limited not only to the injection moulding of thermoplastics, but with appropriate core alloys also to duroplastische molding materials (thermosetting polymers). Application finds the fusion core procedure for example for sprayingpoured suction tubes of passenger car engines. By modification of the plant one can manufacture in the meantime however also small shaped parts such as armatures or pump housings, as the production of the fusion cores and the umspritzten parts on an injection moulding machine accomplishes becomes.

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