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Fusion centrifuges is a procedure, with which by very fast cooling of a melt materials with special characteristics are manufactured. For example metals are usually crystalline, some alloys can however by deterring as "metallic glasses "be received. With fusion centrifuges in addition the melt on in is blown copper wheel often with water cooled -, where it solidifies immediately. In such a way received volume is hydroextracted by the high rotation speed by the wheel.

Fusion centrifuges sometimes incorrectly as "melt spinning "from the English one translates, which calls this procedure melt spinning. spin meant in this case with one another however spiders in the sense of "fibers "separate "fast turn "or "centrifuges do not rotate ". Fusion centrifuges is therefore a substantially more meeting designation.

For the fusion centrifuge procedure the cooling rate is substantial. Apart from the temperature difference and the speed, with which the melt hits on the wheel, it depends naturally on the rotation speed; this can be simply varied with this procedure.

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