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"Fulfilment politics" one calls the strategy with regard to foreign policy of the Weimar Republic of the acceptance of the Londoner of ultimatum 1921 up to Ruhr occupation 1923. This strategy planned, as covered for estimated demands of the Western powers so far to fulfill that their unrealizability should become obvious finally.

The term was used by the politicians that Weimar coalition in this sense. On the other hand the nationalistic rights used the term usually in a diffamierenden connection.

There Germany politically, was militarily and economically too weak to force a revision of the Versailler of contract tried the German foreign policy under guidance of realm chancellor Joseph Wirth (center) and a minister of foreign affairs and/or reconstruction Walther Rathenau (strip packing), to carry the reparation payments out of the contract as completely as possible. Thus the complete disorder of the German economy and the unrealizability of the international demands for payment should be demonstrated. The allied ones, above all France, did not see an actual Offenbarungseid of the economic efficiency of Germany in the "fulfilment politics" however by any means. They demanded a consistent tax policy of the budget reorganization before the background of the constantly rising indebtedness and inflation rate in Germany rather. Such a policy was however only hit in the reason with the currency reform in November 1923. The associated stabilization of the currency made the reorganization of the reparation payments for 1924 possible in the context of the Dawes plan.

On nationalistic rights the Protagonisten of this strategy with regard to foreign policy was diffamiert as "fulfilment politicians". The right-wing extremist terror combination organization Consul went even up to the political murder: The center politician Matthias Erzberger ("† 26 August 1921) and minister of foreign affairs Walther Rathenau ("† 24 June 1922) were shot from the organization.

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