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Fritz Steuben, actually Erhard Wittek (* 3 December 1898 in Wogrowitz, today Wagrowiec, Poland; "† 4 June 1981 Pinneberg) was a German writer.


Erhard Wittek was born in Wogrowitz and participated as a soldier in the First World War. After the war it went through teachings as a bookseller and became finally manufacture leader in the publishing house Fanckh cosmos in Stuttgart.

From 1929 to 1952 he wrote Indian narrations under the alias Fritz Steuben: Eight books of a Tecumseh cycle, which describes its life from the childhood of the Shawnee chieftain Tecumseh up to its death after allegedly historical sources. 1937 moved Wittek after Neustrelitz, where he lived and worked since that time as free writers. 1955 it became domestic in Pinneberg.

Steuben wrote its early books under the influence of the national socialism. Tecumseh nearly over-crept and represented as "leaders". Its books reached already in the 30's an edition of 790.000 pieces. After the Second World War the Tecumseh row appeared ideologically to a large extent deslagged (revised from Nina Schindler) into the today's time.

Works (in selection)

Erhard Wittek

  • The book as means of publicity, 1926
  • Men. A book of pride, 1936
  • Probation of the hearts, novella, 1937
  • Dream in February, 1939
  • A cup water, and other occurences from Poland, 1940
  • The march after Lowitsch. A report, 1940
  • The native country of benefit"…, narration, 1944

Alias Fritz Steuben

  • Tecumseh row, since 1930
    • 1. Tecumseh, the flying arrow
    • 2. Tecumseh, the red storm
    • 3. Tecumseh, the mountain lion
    • 4. Tecumseh, the radiating star
    • 5. Tecumseh, the large Seher
    • 6. Tecumseh, the son one International Telecommunication Union
    • 7. Tecumseh, the large chieftain
    • 8. Tecumsehs last fight
  • The honest Small stories from the east, 1949
  • Tungsten drives to South Tyrol. The history of a child friendship, 1949
  • Probation of the hearts, 1949
  • The Anna, Roman, 1951
  • There behind mountains, 1952
  • Two girl such as dog and cat. A merry book from lucky days (illustrations of Ulrik scratch), 1954
  • Mueller move. Two girl such as dog and cat in the new homeland (illustrations of Ulrik scratch), 1955
  • Gunnar of the ice country, 1957
  • Tragedy at the Mississippi, 1957
  • The far ride, novel, 1960
  • The old Witt and other stories from the east, 1963
  • The purest sample children (illustrations of Heiner Rothfuchs), 1968


  • Roland the wooden crosses (translates together with Tony spoons)
  • Richard Morenus: Alaska Slim. A life in the wilderness, 1956


  • Barbara Haible: Indian in the service of the LV ideology. Investigations for the function of youth books concerning North American Indians in the national socialism. Hamburg: Kovac 1998. (= series of publications Poetica; 32) ISBN 3-86064-751-2
  • Winfred fire-place ski: Heroi internalness. Studies to the youth literature and after 1945 ago. Frankfurt/Main: Dipa publishing house 1987. (= youth and media; 14) ISBN 3-7638-0127-8
  • Thomas Kramer: Tecumseh and Toka itho: Noble savage among red brothers. To the Rezeption of the Indian books by Fritz Steuben and Liselotte Welskopf Henrich in the GDR. In: Berlin sheets. Ethnographi and Ethnologi contributions (still in the pressure)
  • forest man: The ideology of the telling form. With a model analysis of LV literature. Munich: Finch 1976. (= unit ash books; 525) ISBN 3-7705-1332-0

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