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Friedrich Lienhard (* 4 October 1865 in Rothbach with Hagenau in the Elsass; "† 30 April 1929 in Weimar) was a German writer and of the regional arts and crafts movement.


Lienhard was born as a son of a teacher in the Elsass. First it studied Evangelist theology in Strasbourg, turned then however to the literature and went to Berlin. After initial failures as writers it became 1900 together with Adolf Bartels publisher of the magazine homeland, which was renamed still in the same year into German homeland.

Lienhard rejected the naturalism and became one of the substantial of the regional arts and crafts movement. It held the opinion that only one will have reformed seal existence on the basis of the Christian spirit. He saw an ideal realism after the model William Shakespeares as a worthwhile goal. In details such as style, language and characters he was materialist, in questions of the total composition, plant and execution of the works idealist.

Lienhard moved later to Weimar. 1918 it was accepted to the academy of non-profit sciences to Erfurt. Later an appointment took place into the executive committee of the Goethe company.

Works (in selection)

  • Songs of a Native of Alsace, 1888
  • Naphtali. Drama, 1888
  • Which gau travels. A time book, 1895
  • Songs of a Native of Alsace, 1895
  • Till Eulenspiegel, 1896
  • Eulenspiegels exit. Schelmenspiel, 1896
  • Gottfried of Strasbourg. Play, 1897
  • Odilia. Putting one, 1898
  • North land songs by Fritz Lienhard, 1899
  • The supremacy of Berlin, 1900
  • The Gothamites. A joke song from May, 1900
  • Burenlieder, 1900
  • Muenchhausen. A comedy, 1900
  • The foreigner. Schelmenspiel, 1900
  • King Arthur. Tragedy, 1900
  • Litteratur youth today. A chamfering lecture, 1901
  • New ideals. Collected essays, 1901
  • GermanEvangelist people plays. Suggestions, 1901
  • Poems. 1. Total expenditure, 1902
  • Wartburg Trilogie, 1903-1906
  • Heinrich of Ofterdingen, 1903
  • Holy Elizabeth, 1904
  • Luther on the waiting castle, 1906
    • Surface culture, 1904
    • How/as country forge. Dramatic seal, 1905
    • After way Weimar. Contributions for the renewal of the idealism, 1905
    • The Pandurenstein and different one, 1906
    • Nature and became the Dichtkunst, 1907
    • The classical Weimar, 1909
    • Oberlin. Novel from the revolution time in the Elsass, 1910
    • From the Elsass of the XVIII. Century, 1910
    • Odysseus. Dramatic seal, 1911
    • Light country. New poems, 1912
    • The play man. Novel from the present, 1913
    • People shapes, 1913
    • Introduction to Goethe's fist, 1913
    • Parsifal and Zarathustra. Lecture, 1914
    • Ahasver on the Rhine. Tragedy, 1914
    • Of Germany European transmission, 1914
    • Heroism and love, 1915
    • World war and Elsass Lorraine, 1916
    • Schillers poem draft German size, 1916
    • Friedrich the large one, 1917
    • German seal in their historical fundamentals, 1917
    • Inspiring our community life as task of culture of the time, 1918
    • Phidias. Play, 1918
    • How do we make art and philosophy usable the internal further training of the , 1918
    • West Mark. Novel from the present Elsass, 1919
    • On Goethe's paths in Weimar, 1919
    • Which gene forest, 1921
    • From Taulers days. Narration, 1923
    • Friedrich Lienhard. Collected works in 3 rows, 1924-1926
    • diary, 1924
    • A German crib play, 1925
    • The singer war on the waiting castle. A festival, 1925
    • Schwertweihespiel, 1927
    • The country house with iron oh. A Burschenschaftsroman from that 19. Century, 1928
    • Satisfying in the country - also the strong ones are, 1929

    Publisher activity

    • Fates of a kidnapped one in France. Of it tell, 1915
    • The , magazine, 1920-1929


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