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Friedrich intelligent (* 21. June 1856 in Cologne; "† 21. May 1926 in Freiburg in mash gau) was a German linguist.

Intelligent studied starting from 1874 comparing linguistics as well as classical and modern philology at the Universities of Leipzig, Strasbourg and Freiburg in mash gau. It was attained a doctorate to 1878 in Strasbourg there and habilitierte themselves 1880 for the fan Germanistik and Anglistik.

Starting from 1884 it was first more extraordinary at the University of Jena, starting from 1886 tidy professor. 1893 it followed a call to the University of Freiburg in mash gau, where it became as successors of its teacher Hermann Paul professor for German language and literature.

Its name is particularly well-known by its 1883 public Etymologi dictionary of the German language, which experienced to today numerous new editions (last in 24. Edition 2002) and with its detailed data to word formation, Wortverwandtschaften and word history a standard work of the German Etymologie is.

As one the first Germanists busy it itself both in its dictionary and in single publications intensively with condition and special languages, for instance the sailor language, the Gaunersprachen and the student language.

It justified 1900 the magazine for German word research, which appeared until 1914.

The deduction Friedrich intelligent is in archives of the university library Freiburg.


  • Etymologi dictionary of the German language, Strasbourg 1883 (during lifetimes intelligent nine further editions until 1926, posthum last 24. Edition, de Gruyter, Berlin 2002, ISBN 3-11-017473-1)
  • From Luther to Lessing. Languagehistorical essays, Strasbourg 1888 (and further three editions until 1904; 5. Edition: Source & Mayer, Leipzig 1918)
  • Rotwel source book, Strasbourg 1901 (reproduction: de Gruyter, Berlin 1987, ISBN 3-11-010783-X) - only published volume of a planned row Rotwelsch. Sources and vocabulary of the Gaunersprache and the related secret languages
  • Our German. Introduction to the native language. Lectures and essays, source & Mayer, Leipzig 1907 (and further five editions until 1958)
  • Sailor language. Word-historical manual of German boat operator expressions of older and more recent time, publishing house of the bookshop of the orphanage, resounds to A.D. Saale 1908 (reproduction of the edition 1911: Hain, Meisenheim 1973, ISBN 3-920307-10-0)
  • German student language, Strasbourg 1895 (New edition: Student-historical combination of the CC, Nuremberg 1984-1985)


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