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Friedrich Behrens (* 20 September 1909 in Rostock; "† 16 July 1980) was one of the prominent economists and general agent of the new economic system in the GDR.


Behrens completed training as the machine-builder on that starting from 1924 Neptun throwing and worked starting from 1928 as a machine assistant at the merchant fleet. It was 1924-28 member of the socialist worker youth 1926-31 of the SPD and starting from 1932 the KPD. It studied 1931 to 1935 political economy and statistics at the University of Leipzig and attained a doctorate with the work "the available capital in the change situations". Afterwards it worked as an auxiliary adviser in the statistic office for realm, 1939 for the supreme command of the armed forces was conscripted and worked 1941-45 for the statistic central office in Prague, at the same time informed it statistics at the Prager Karl university.

1946 joined Behrens of the SED and became 1947 professor for political economics, director of the institute for economic science and of the totalscientific faculty of the University of Leipzig. 1954 he was joint founder of the institute for economic science of the German Academy of Sciences and 1955-57 directors/conductors of the national central office for statistics, deputy chairmen of the national plan commission and member of the Council of Ministers.

Its criticism at the state-centralistic bureaucratic style of leadership in the economy, his concept of a democratic socialist autonomy and his theory formulated by dying the economiceconomics function of the state, in the book manuscript "to the economic theory and economic policy in the period of transition", brought it on the 30. Conference of the central committee of the SED the reproach of the revisionism. It was relieved of all national functions and worked as a working group leader on Institut for economic science of the Academy of Sciences. 1961 it practiced public self criticism. After he had expressed again doubts to the reformation barness of the state socialism, he was emeritiert prematurely 1967. Afterwards it worked on concepts for Pluralismus and autonomy in socialism and was concerned with the causes for the failure of the "socialist variant of the state monopolyism".

Behrens was distinguished 1954 with the national price of the GDR and 1964 with the patriotic earnings/service medal.

Work (selection)

  • To the method of the political economics, Leipzig 1952
  • Commodity, value and value law. Criticism and critical views to the value theory in socialism, Berlin 1961
  • Sketch of the history of the political economics, Berlin 1962-1981
  • Causes, characteristics and perspectives of the new model of the line of the socialist economy, Berlin 1966
  • H. Loschinski (Hrsg.) "parting from the socialist utopia, Berlin 1992

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