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» Economics » Foreigner right » Topics begins with F » Fremdenrecht

Page modified: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 23:35:26

Fremdenrecht one calls the right of a country, which finds only on citizens of another State of application. The Fremdenrecht disadvantages these thereby usually, but not always, opposite residents.

Apart from the foreigner right, that the status of foreigners, who are in the national territory, regulates is only isolated strange-legal regulations in other right areas:

  • In the constitutional law fundamental rights (contrary to human rights) apply only to citizens.
  • In the right of the mental property grant rights foreigners often only, if their states ensure similar protection.
  • In international contracts or in the European right a most-favored nation treatment principle leads occasionally to the preference of foreigners (resident discrimination).
  • In international private law the applicable right, in particular in the family right, depends often on the nationality.

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